Extreme Makeover for the DBAP

March 8, 2014

Extreme Makeover at the DBAP

Article and photos by Christine Adamczyk.

Since early October, 2013, I have been prowling around the DBAP renovations in Durham on January 14, 2014. Photos by Christine Adamczyk.Durham Bulls Athletic Park (the DBAP) in my hardhat and safety vest with my cameras slung over my shoulder. The DBAP is undergoing a major off-season makeover. Wait until you see what’s in store for you. Ever wish for a bigger-than-life LED jumbo screen on the left field wall? Done. Have you wished the concourses in the ballpark could hold more party space? Wish granted. Have you ever noticed that the seats have served us for way too long? New ones have been installed. Have you ever wished for more food service? A new kitchen and more concessions are waiting for you.

The players will love the new playing field. It was scraped clean of turf and dug out almost to bedrock to make way for a brand-new, quickly-draining major league playing surface. Yikes! The new field can drain more than 7″ of rain per hour!!

As we get closer to opening day on April 3, 2014, I will post some of the 4,000 photos that I took during the renovation. They will give you an idea of what was happening behind the scaffolding, fences and walls.

The whole metamorphosis was fun to watch. Here’s a taste of what is going on inside the DBAP.

Since September, the DBAP has been covered in scaffolding and tarps as nearly every inch of the ballpark has been renovated.

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Fresh cement platforms were poured for the new seats behind home plate. New seat brackets were installed throughout the stadium to get ready for the installation of thousands of new seats.

cement and seats

Workers dismantled the old scoreboard to make way for a new one that will sit next to the gigantic LED screen on the left field wall.

2013 Durham Bulls DBAP renovation. 10-24-13.

Cranes and pulleys lifted steel. New beams were installed and new roofs took shape.


The old ‘home plates’ in the bullpens were set aside to make way for new pitching mounds.

800 12 Old Home-2013-digital

After the playing field had been scraped almost to bedrock, new high-volume drainage ditches were dug and hundreds of feet of drainage pipe were installed. Over eight inches of sand covered a hefty layer of gravel to become the base for the new sod, which was installed in late December. The new sod already has roots that are 3″-4″ deep!

laying sod

In the coming days, I’ll show you people at work, temporary art captured during the construction process and a preview of the new spaces inside the DBAP. So, come back often to see what’s new.

If you’d like to see more photo galleries from the renovation, you can find them by clicking here or by pasting this link below into your browser. http://www.chrisadamczykphotography.com/Sports/Baseball/201314-Renovation.

See you at the DBAP!!