The DBAP Makeover People

Article and photos by Christine Adamczyk

How many people does it take bring to life a newer, better version of the DBAP? Hundreds of highly skilled, dedicated workers are re-imagining every nook and cranny. What have they been doing? Here’s a look at people hard at work.

They are keeping the facility secure by helping with traffic, issuing work badges and overseeing safety on the site.

Renovation of the Durham Bulls Athletic Park on November 14, 2013. 800 p CA13198 800 p CA13019

They are smoothing freshly poured cement, digging with backhoes, spreading tons of gravel and measuring precisely.

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As the work progresses, workers are removing old brick, putting in new plumbing, and welding beams.

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They are lifting steel, running miles of cable for the new sound system, and drilling thousands of holes for the installation of new seats.

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Once the field surface was ready, they began to lay the new sod. Each roll of sod was carefully prodded into place by hand after being rolled onto the field by a specially equipped tractor. The ends of the sod rolls were hand-cut with a machete to leave perfect seams.

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The mound was built with special clays. One will help the mound retain its shape; the other will stand up to the pounding of the pitcher’s landing step. The measurements and precision of building the mound could be the subject of an article by itself.

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All of the men and women who are rebuilding the DBAP inch-by-inch have experienced extreme conditions this off-season. They have persevered through rain, mud, frozen ground and snow.

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 …. and at the end of the day, they go home satisfied that you re going to be overwhelmed by the fabulous-ness of the reborn DBAP!

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See you at the ballpark!