TriangleInFocus.com showcases bits of daily life in the Research Triangle area, which includes Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill,  North Carolina. It is presented to you by me, photographer Christine Adamczyk.

I am an award-winning scientist, educator and photographer. My background in science and medicine give my photos a precise quality, while my art background lends a fun and unique perspective to my studio work.

I specialize in sports, nature, community events and interpretations of everyday life. I am particularly fond of “capturing the moment” so that people can get a glimpse of things that they would not normally see clearly in daily life… freezing the defining moment of a sports play, zooming in for a close-up look at an object, creating new interpretations in the studio, or capturing moments and places to which you may not have access.

Because of my interest in mentoring, there will be guest contributors. These contributors will be emerging photographers who aspire to hone their photographic story-telling skills. TriangleInFocus.com will be a place for them to publish photo stories of events and happenings around the Triangle.

Here’s to looking through the lens of life!!

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