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The DBAP Renovations Near the Finish Line

Words and photos by Christine Adamczyk.

Things are bustling at the DBAP! The massive off-season renovation is nearing the finish line. With Opening Day just 3 days away the scramble is on!

I thought I would show you some scenes from my visit to the DBAP late this afternoon. As the week progresses and construction comes to a close, I’ll show you how the new spaces look!

The final touches are being put on the new brick work on the exterior. There are two new fountains at the entrance that still have to be finished.

800 ca 16343 facade -horz

The Fan Store is restocking your favorite Bulls hats, jerseys and souvenirs.

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There are THREE new upper concourses: one is above the seating along the right field line, one is above the seats along the left field line and the third one is in the VIP suite behind home plate.

The new right filed concourse is called Jackie’s Landing and will be home to a new BBQ and Fish Fry concession stand, the Bar 42 and a section of new bleachers.

800 ca text 16275 Jackies-horz
The concourse along the third base line is just getting the last of its roof put on.

800 ca 16252 3B roof-horz

The new VIP suite will take the place of the central luxury suites. This really beautiful space has a wall finished in stone and new floors. It has the most polishing to be done, but will be nearing completion soon!

800 ca 16228 suites-horzThe dugouts are having a new murals painted in them.  The new press box, above the Bulls dugout, is having equipment installed as I’m writing this. The new scoreboard received its final touch up today, too!

800 ca 16337 scoreboard press box  dugout-horzLet’s talk about the awesome new left field wall! The scoreboard is almost ready for balls and strikes and hits and runs. It has a gigantic LED screen to show you replays and to introduce players and sponsors. It is centered on the left field wall and is huge. In addition, there are new LED screens running from center field to right field for showing off the tons of sponsors that love the Bulls.

800 ca 16208scoreboard final-tile

The bases are ready to be installed and the final touches have been made to the batters box.

800 ca 16278  bases-horz

800 ca 16289 batters box-horz

The new sod is growing into a lush playing field. Head Groundskeeper Scott Strickland has manicured the grass. It is waiting for the fans to take their seats and the Bulls to take the field!

800 ca 16272 scott-tile

800 ca 16159field-tileOver the next few days, it will be exciting to watch the finishing touches polish this jewel of a ballpark.

Opening Day is Thursday, April 3. See you at the ballpark!

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